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Our mission is to provide a new first class service to all sports players, teams and clubs. This service will give all sports players the opportunity to search for like-minded sports people, clubs, teams, coaches in their area to either just play a friendly game or join a team/event or search for sporting goods.
The database of players will allow you to search for players and contact them to arrange a game or help you in looking for a sporting companion.

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How Does Matching Players Work?

This is a free to use website that allows you to enter information about you and your sport, allowing you and others to search for like-minded sports people to arrange a game or match. With us, you will be able to find an opponent close to home or in a new location you wish to visit, whilst on business or on holiday. The options are endless.
As a visitor to this website, you can search your home Town/County for a sporting team/companion. Once registered as a member, you can contact a member with a secure message, arrange a game or create an event.

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If you are frequently relocating, visiting new towns or countries on business or on holiday, then find a matching player near you

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