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About 14 years ago, Rhys Glide had an idea to create a database of squash players,  which has now expanded to many other sports. This idea came about when Rhys, through the nature of his job, was moved to different parts of the country but found it hard to find a similar person to play/train with. 

Sparked by his own enthusiasm for sport and sports people, his dream is to bring sports people together. There is a niche market that had not really been tapped into before. There are a number of scenarios where people would want to play a sport of their choice but had no partner to compete with. Whether they were new to an area, moving around the country like Rhys, or seeking a local matching player, there would be no easy way to do this. This problem has been solved with this website. This is the tool for this dream to be realised and for like minded sports players to meet and play, or organise a team

The site is now much more than just a database but now incorporates sport specialities. May it continue for many years to come!

Rhys Glide’s Squash Career

Rhys started playing squash at the age of 13 and fell in love with the sport straight away most of all loving the fast pace and fitness level needed.After joining the British Army they really pushed him to become a better player and sent him all over the world to play and train. He never reached a pro status but played County squash and has always liked to move around different clubs and enter many tournaments.

Squash is such a social sport and over the years he has made many good friends and seen some crazy squash.

Mission Statement

To provide a new first class service to all sports players, teams and clubs. This service will give all sports players the opportunity to search for like-minded sports people, clubs, teams, coaches in their area to either just play a friendly game or join a team/event or search for sporting goods. The database of players will allow you to search for players and contact them to arrange a game or help you in looking for a sporting companion.

Our Philosophy

As set out in our mission statement, our philosophy is to provide a safe and positive environment of our users to enjoy and participate in. We don’t measure our success on the number of visits, teams or matched players. Our goal is  to bring joy and fulfilment to as many people as possible and to enable them to continue in their sport for as long as possible through this site. Whether the age is 18 or 75, we believe everyone is entitled to fulfil their sporting dream or activity by having a constant opponent or companion to keep them going forward and not to give up reachig their sporting potential. 

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